Rico & Bobbie


Names: Rico & Bobbie

Rico & Bobbie are well raised, hand-fed, and socialized easily.

Speccy: Black Palm Cockatoo Parrots

Age: 2 Years

DNA Sex: Males & Females

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Special and largest cockatoo, the black palm cockatoo or goliath cockatoo, is strikingly beautiful. This species is not naturally affectionate. However, with extensive training, hand-fed black palm cockatoos can make excellent, tame pets. This species thrives when it is socialized. Like other cockatoos it craves regular interaction with its owners. This bird’s large size, beak strength, and uneven temperament make it most suitable for experienced bird owners. These bold parrots require a fearless owner to match.


Origin and History

 black palm cockatoo is native to Australia, particularly the very tip of northern Queensland. Also, this species now lives in New Guinea and Indonesia. These birds generally inhabit the rainforest and woodlands and nest in hollow trees. It is common to find them in small groups of six or fewer birds. A pair will mate for life. Though their population is declining due to habitat loss as well as sport and trade hunting, they are not considered endangered or even vulnerable.



black palm cockatoo can be a good pet, but don’t expect it to be as affectionate as many other parrots. To tame this species, the bird requires a lot of attention and consistent training. It is a brilliant and social bird, so if you are persistent, you can get this bird to follow your commands. You can teach this species to perform many simple tricks with time and positive reinforcement.

This is one of the very few bird species that will use tools. In their natural habitat, male birds will use a large stick to “drum” against a hollow tree before choosing where to build a nest. This drumming can be heard for up to 100 yards. When the stick breaks, it becomes part of the new nest. This behavior puzzles many scientists who study birds. Some scientists believe the females listen to the drumming, then decide if it’s a suitable nesting spot. Other scientists believe it is the sign of a male marking its territory.



Speech and Vocalizations

This bird’s natural vocalizations have a human-like sound, including their signature “hello.” Their vocal ability is well suited for learning words. They are one of the best talking cockatoos.

 black palm cockatoo is not a good option for bird owners who live in apartments or condominiums. It makes very distinct, deafening calls, and you (and your neighbors) need to be able to tolerate loud noises to live with one.


Banded: Yes

Age : 2 Years

DNA Sex: Males & Females

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